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Test 2 In The Works – Motion LS800



image So I am on to the second device in the quest to find my companion device.  This time it’s an LS800 thanks to and John Hill.  Tonight is the first night I’ve been hands on with the unit and I’m very impressed! (I got it yesterday, but man if I didn’t get but 5 minuets with it…) I see now what all the fuss has been about regarding this Tablet PC being discontinued by Motion.

It’s a great unit – I love the fact it has the active digitizer, the HTC Shift I was just experimenting with for a little while didn’t have one and the inking experience was sub par.  The size is about perfect as well – just small enough to carry around like a notebook.  Up until now, I haven’t been using touch on a Tablet PC, so the screen with no touch isn’t that big of a deal.

It currently has XP Tablet PC 2005 on it, but that will change tomorrow night when I get Vista on it!!  Any pointers for a clean install??  I have been reading the Mobile PC Wiki and don’t think the issues will be deal breakers for me.  We’ll see and I’ll keep everyone updated!

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