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Testing New Comment System – Disqus



We are testing a new comment system called Disqus. This new comment system will allow for threaded discussions, and help cut down on the amount of comment spam we get. In addition, readers can create a profile and have their avatar show up next to their comments.

All old comments previously entered will still show up, and the old form for entering comments will also be displayed (for parallel testing) for the next couple of days. Please begin using the Disqus system so we can test it out and prove its worth.

Let us know what you think.

UPDATE: I’ve already found one big problem – disqus returns url parameters when comments are added, something dasBlog doesn’t like. I have a support ticket it at disqus and on the dasBlog support forum to see if anything can be done to fix it. If it isn’t fixed by tonight, I’ll turn disqus off until the problem is fixed. Besides that one bug, I’m really liking disqus. I like that it allows you to edit your comments – very cool!

UPDATE 2: I’ve turned the disqus system off until I can get a fix on the dasblog side to not error out when url parameters are passed or to get disqus to customize the return variables to accept #disqus_thread instead of url vars. Looking promising though. I like the system a lot. Disqus support is slow to respond at this point in their support desk area.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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