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Texas Instrument to Create Some Fire with Blaze Tablet



According to Slashgear, Texas Instrument will be debuting its Tablet/Slate entry this August, running on TI’s OMAP4. Texas Instruments OMAP has previously come to light as OMAP Blaze and from what I’m reading sounds pretty interesting. Slashgear is linking to SVTronics, where you can sign up to be notified when more info is available, but Slashgear has quite a rundown on their previous reporting on Blaze. I’m not up to speed but plan on spending some time checking out their links. From early scans, you might want to as well.

The 10.4 inch Tablet will have a 1024×768 touchscreen. It will have 1GB of lpDDR2, and 32GB eMMC. Slashgear is reporting that the Slate is designed for developers not the mainstream. The rest of the feature list is quite lengthy.



  1. Stuart

    06/24/2010 at 3:41 pm

    This should be able to run Andriod, MeeGo, Symbian, WebOS. If only you could have a multi-boot and have choice. It is still cheaper than many of the rugged tablets and this is a full development platform. The productized versions should hopefully cost much less. Listening to their talk about the e-reader I hope they can power the Pixel-Qi display as well as handle Wacom digitizers. It is even able to be powered by USB so you don’t have to remember the power cord…and it has USB OTG. I’m interested

  2. Randall Garrett

    06/24/2010 at 6:03 pm

    AGREED on the 3Qi screen and Wacom, but at present the only glass Ive seen in product is 1024 x 600 :-( Still, it would be great to see this form factor, resolution, etc. with 3Qi on board. Let’s see – actually use a mobile device outdoors – what a concept! ;-)

  3. Sam

    06/24/2010 at 7:56 pm

    Keep in mind, this is a low volume development platform, and its priced that way–at $2259 + Shipping & Handling. SVTronics is unlikely to get involved in manufacturing units for the consumer market, their costs are probably much too high, though they might design one for you to be manufactured in Taiwan or China.

    The whole point of the Blaze is to allow system designers and software developers to get started with OMAP4 before their own designs are ready for prototyping or manufacturing.

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