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Texas Instruments Demos Pico Projector




Earlier this month, I reported on Aiptek/Mint releasing a 3M LED-based pico-projector. Back in April, Sierra caught wind of the SunView pico-projector being available in Hong Kong. These devices are extremely small, extremely portable, and promises decent performance at a relatively manageable pricepoint. The Aiptek was rumored to cost around $650 and availability starts in September. For those of us looking for a portable and ultra-compact projector, a trip to Asia or Australia was the only way to get your hands on one. However, there seems to be a new kid on the block. Texas Instruments has demonstrated a prototype DLP-based pico projector at IFA this year. In the accompanying shot from Engadget, the image quality from the pico projector is quite amazing. For all other pico projectors up to this point, we’ve only seen what their specifications are, but never have we seen what kind of image quality it is capable of producing. If this prototype is slated for production, I know I’m holding off on making a pico purchase. Am I naive in hoping that since TI is an American company, American availability is inevitable?

There’s also a video to boot (but it’s in Spanish)!


Via Engadget

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