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Text While Driving? Maybe Soon



sony-ericsson-hbh-gv435-289-75[1] Well, Safely that is…  I am guilty of it too.  Being mobile and connected is a part of our lives now.  The constant communication, the constant e-mail, the constant text messaging all this while driving down the road at 70 MPH…  You don’t do it?  There are a bunch that do!  And many of them wreck while doing it…

One solution might be coming soon, at least for Ford owners that have Microsoft Sync.  The solution is being worked on between Microsoft and voice recognition software maker Nuance.  From the article, it seems like you can just talk into your Bluetooth headset and dictate your text message and send it on. 

"We are aiming for natural communication between car and driver, which will have benefits for concentration and safety," a Nuance spokeswoman said.

imagesShould be interesting to see how this pans out.  Pretty soon, we’ll all have our own KITT style interaction with our car computers!

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