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Thank You, Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC Community



One year ago today, we launched forums on In that one year, we have grown forum membership to close to 2,000 members, posted more relevant news, added a number of Contributing Writers for news and features, added three new feature series, started producing a podcast ( up to number 35! ). Because page-views and visits both increased three-fold over the year, we also had to double the size of our T-1 to accommodate all the traffic. What a year!

I’ve said it before on numerous occasions – it is only because of you, the GBM Reader and the Tablet PC / Ultra-Mobile PC community, that we continue to do what we do. You visit our site, you read our news, you participate in the forums, you watch our InkShows, you listen to the Podcasts, you visit our advertisers and sponsors, and you let us know when we mess up and when we get things right.

Thank you for an awesome year. Continue letting us know about how we can make your experience on the best ever. We’ve got some great things in store, so stay tuned – the best is yet to come!

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