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Thanks for the help, from a new Tablet PC owner



I’ve been corresponding with Mark de Jeu for a little while about tablet pcs, umpcs, which ones I like, etc. Well, Mark finally pulled the trigger and purchased a Fujitsu P1510D.

Mark sent me a really good letter going over why he purchased the P1510D vs other tablet pcs, why he didn’t want to wait, etc. His letter is really good and I thought it might help some of you who are going back and forth with the decision process. He’s given me permission to post it here for your enjoyment.


I have joined the ranks of Tablet PC owners.  I wanted to thank you for helping me in the decision process.

My first PC goes back to a TI-99/4a, and my first IBM PC was back before they sold models with hard disks (around 1982) to run Lotus 1-2-3.

I program Web and Windows-based applications for a living, and I think this whole UMPC form factor will find its day.  So I need to get ready for this from a development end (not too late to start, I believe).  My user design approach is to noodle with it until I get it.  But for this next wave, I have nothing to noodle with.

Until now.  After months of daily reviews of GBM, JKOTR, WickedStage, Uber, and Buzz forums, I have landed on the Fujitsu P1510D.  I heard your comments on trying out the ink, and I did try it out.  No issues, and it may be that there will be a behaviour modification requirement for those that want non-Herculean touch screens (just as there is a behaviour mofification requirement to become proficient in inking legible characters).

My ideal Tablet will be out after Vista, and will include the combo screen you had mentioned to me once.  But I did not want to wait another year, and I think this P1510 will be enough to get me started. 

Benefits I see over the UMPC and LS800: 1024×600 screen resolution and keyboard when needed (my bet is future UMPCs will need this resoltion; some app dialogs fail to work with even 600 vertical pixels).  The 2.2 pounds is nice, and your zeal for the ‘take it anywhere’ LS800 made me lean towards this form factor.  I also want to play with the fingertip navigation and understand the UI implications on the apps I build. 

I have to add that I have never understood the lack-of-cd argument.  I virtually NEVER use a CD/DVD drive in a laptop (OK, never is an exageration, but an external drive is plenty to load software or make backups, the only value I see to having a CD/DVD drive).  Watching a movie was only attempted twice, with the need to tether to a power source and try to ignore the Cesna-in-mid-air noise volume from my Vaio laptop CD drives.

One more reason for the P1510D – it sounds like Fujitsu service stands out, although I hope to add nothing to that conversation.

What a field we work in; always changing, always more to learn.  I don’t deserve it this good!

Excited and grateful, wishing you, your enterprise, and your family all the best,

Mark de Jeu


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