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Stormtrooper2_800In our latest GBM podcast and in countless other posts the GBM Guys rant a bit about the complete lack of imagination that OEMs have when it comes to naming their very cool Tablet PCs and UMPCs. Although I’m not sure about the viability of calling the very unsexily named FMV-U8240 “the Poogie StormTrooper,” there has got to be a better approach to naming these devices. Fujitsu isn’t the only culprit by any means. Gateway’s newest comes in two flavors the E155C and the C120x. HP’s newest drips naming recognition with the 2710p. And let us not forget Samsung’s fixation with redundancy with the Q1 Ultra Ultra-Mobile PC. And those are just recent announcments. It goes on and on.

I mean let’s take a look at some other areas in the mobile scape. HTC has released a couple of new smaller devices that are getting attention. Their names? The HTC Advantage and the HTC Shift. Works for me. (By the way, Judi at The Gear Diary recentely unboxed the HTC Advantage and you can check it out here.)

So, let’s unleash all of the creativity out there in GBM land and help these poor imagination starved OEMs out. Pick a Tablet PC. Pick a UMPC. Give it a name. Or two. Heck, even if you don’t want to assign a name to a specific device, just fire away in comments or in this thread in the GBM forums. We know you’ve got creativity dripping from you stylus so let it run free. We’ll highlight the most creative choices in upcoming GBM Podcasts.

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