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That Old Keyboard Issue Keeps Haunting Asus



Asus created such a sensation with the Eee PC that it totally disrupted the mobile computing market. Now, Asus seems to have both the wherewithal and the desire to turn the early success into a ubiquitous range of devices to fit every need and apparently every hand size. The tiny keyboards on the early Eee models (and other ultra-mini-sub-net low cost portables) aren’t for everyone, and Asus has announced that they will be adding larger keyboards to two different models in their 900 range. The 904 and the 905 will run Atom processors and offer larger keyboards. According to DigiTimes this is going to replace the 901, which if I’m remembering correctly just launched recently.

This market seems to change almost overnight, and I’m not so sure playing “up the keyboard size” is a good thing for it in the long run.

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