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That’s One Heavy Coffee Break



Even if you don’t frequent coffee shops to do some of your mobile computing, between Kevin Tofel and James Kendrick’s Coffee Break posts and Dan Gentleman’s Coffee with Thoughtfix posts, you can certainly get your caffeine infused posts these days. And of course if you do hit up the local coffee shop you’re sure to see folks using any variety of mobile devices to get some work done, or do some online relaxing.

Well, these guys from Improv Everywhere decided the heck with all of that small mobile gear stuff and toted their desktops into their local Starbucks. Yep, that’s right, they took their desktop computers, along with their montiors into a Starbucks and set up shop.


I wonder if this isn’t a window into our good buddy, James Kendrick’s past, when he was toting around those devices that weighed 30lbs?

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