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The 3rd Custom ROM for My Verizon Galaxy Nexus, GummyNex 0.9.0 [VIDEO]



After a few months of installing, removing, and installing more apps, hacks, etc, It was time to wipe the canvas and start over again. This weekend I wiped my Galaxy Nexus and returned it to stock to get set for trying another custom ROM I have read so much about. This one is called Gummy, but I believe some refer to it as GummyNex. For the last couple of months, I have been running Codename Android and prior to that Android Revolution HD. According to battery tests that on of our commentors performed on the main Galaxy Nexus ROMs, Gummy and Android Revolution lead the pack in battery tests.

Both of those were good ROMs and I didn’t have an ounce of trouble. Revolution HD didn’t have too many extras baked in, but Codename Android did. I was worried about all the extras I would have to install to keep the functionality I have got used to, but Gummy has a ton built it too.

Here are the features, as listed on XDA Developers.

  • AOSP build based on 4.0.3 complied by me
  • ImoseyON Lean Kernel OC / UV with OC’d GPU support for init.d and swap support – Credit Imoseyon
  • Performance Settings – Credit CM / Jrummy16 / Kejar31 / Stevespear426
  • GUI manageable init.d scripts tweaks – Credit Jrummy16 / Kejar31
  • Customisable SystemU tweaks – credit Xoomdev / Syaoran12 / Kejar31
  • Battery % always available in the lockscreen (now with the option to turn on and off) – Credit Syaoran12
  • Faster rotation initiation – Credit XoomDev / Kejar31
  • T9 Dialer – Credit CM
  • Quad Lockscreen with open customizable seats, AOSP locckecreens and Rings Lockscreens
  • Customizable battery icons options ( Hide, miui, stock, fat battery with %, side bar with % and circle)
  • Softkeys can be turned on and off(only for G-Nex)
  • LED settings – credit Romanbb
  • ApexLauncher – credit Android Does
  • Pulldown Widgets – credit – CM
  • OI FileManager (compiled with the ICS SDK)
  • Softkey Mod and settings – Credit XoomDev / Icons – WJD Designs
  • FaceBook contact sync – Credit Roman
  • AOSP Wifi tether enabled
  • Busybox
  • Su and Superuser apk – Credit ChainsDD
  • Android Term – Credit jackpal
  • Stk
  • Livewallpapers compiled and included
  • Custom Gummy live wallpaper
  • AppWidgetPicker – credit boombuler
  • All png’s are optimized during build via CM script and PNG Crunch
  • Compcache support

 This ROM does it all.

It has a program called ROM Toolbox built-in too. This program offers a ton of funtionality that makes dozens of tasks easier for inexperienced ROM users like me. You can set system font, boot animations, adjust pixel density, install mods and ROMs, and much more without having to connect your phone to your computer to upload files. It helped me do things I was too lazy to do before. This isn’t part of the actual ROM, just an extra program the ROM added.

Instead of Nova Launcher I had been using, Gummy comes with ApexLauncher built-in. This launcher does what Nova did for me and more, but I am not using all the features it brings.

Gummy has a Power Widgets, a set of switches that are displayed when you pull down your notifications bar. You can turn LTE on/off without having to download another single mod to accomplish the same task. These widgets can be turned on/off and even reordered right in the system settings under the Gummy Settings sub section.

Plenty of UI tweaks are available including the ability to change the colors of many UI elements.

There is too much to say in one post to be honest. Here’s another of my ridiculously long videos taking you through some of the aspects of this ROM on my Galaxy Nexus.

I haven’t run the ROM long enough to comment on battery life, especially with all the time I have had it in my hands tweaking my new look. I will report back on this after a couple of weeks of use. I can say that it runs smooth and I haven’t had any issues over the last day or so. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.


The lock screen has a couple of options with the “Ring Lockscreen” style that I have chosen to use. (pictured right and center) You can unlock normally, unlock directly to the camera, and you can unlock directly to apps of your choosing as well.

On the right, you will see my setup. I have tweaked the pixel density down to 280 and using ApexLauncher, I have set the amount of screens to ONE, yes… ONE! That’s all I need. I set the grid, again using ApexLauncher, to 6×5 without the Google search bar. I have several different widget programs put together to create the top area. The vertical clock in the top left is a 1×4 One More Clock widget. The part that says Chris Leckness is a widget 2×1 that I put together using Simple Text and it’s linked to my Facebook app. The weather widget and the 4 1×1 switch widgets below it are part of Beautiful Widgets. The GottaBeMobile text is there to fill the big void that I had there and is using yet another widget app called AmazingText. It’s linked to my posts here so I can keep up with comments on the go. The folders have no background and this is accomplished via an option in ApexLauncher. I changed the color of the softkeys to white through settings that are a part of the Gummy ROM.


If you check out the top of the left screenshot, you will find the Power Widgets and you can see the custom carrier text option that I set to “Roll Tide” in the same screenie. On the right, you can see the return of individual volume controls. This is an option feature that is built right in to Gummy 0.9.0.


Here are the settings areas for this ROM. You can spend hours messing around with them too, trust me.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this ROM and all that it offers. It makes something that I have always been too lazy to do, fun and simple. Happy Modding GBM’ers.

Disclaimer: You can jack things up messing around with ROMs if you don’t follow instructions. Please use caution. I am a ROM Noob myself and I am getting it done by reading, then reading again. Be careful.

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