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The Airport Lawyer Has A New Tablet PC




I love reading the impressions of new Tablet PC owners.  Sheryl Schelin is The Airport Lawyer. Or rather that’s the name of her blog. Like most new Tablet PC owners she had some apprehensions and concerns going in, and she shares those as well as her discoveries. Here’s my favorite:

““My main purpose in buying a tablet as opposed to a laptop was to be able to write notes and capture them immediately for later searchability. Can’t really do that with a regular laptop or with paper and pen. After a full 24 hours of playing around with George, I do know one thing, however: tablets are no longer “faddish” tools that will pass like a trend, if they ever were. This tablet is a bona fide next-generation development that offers true strengths and functionality you just can’t get with a regular laptop.”

She also blogs that she has named her new Gateway CX2620, George. Curious. How many others name their Tablet PCs? Share the names if you do.


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