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The All-Important Kid Factor



My son, Dax, was a star on the eo InkShow I did several months ago. Well, he picked up the Sony UX180P UMPC and said “This is what I thought the Origami would be like – sliding screen to reveal a keyboard, much smaller, feels much more like a PSP or Gameboy than the eo did…”

What are my first impressions? Everything on the screen is really small – but it feels simply wonderful to hold and use. The zoom is instant, unlike the Q1 and eo which take a bit to display. Slide the screen up to type, slide it back down when finished. Very SideKick like. Mouse on the right, buttons on the left. It feels very, very natural. I’m with Dax – the second gen OEMs need to take some good, hard looks at the UX180P.

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