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The Amazon Kindle App Finally Shows Up on the HP TouchPad



Well, whadda ya know? HP in doing all of its spinning, dodging and weaving since they decided to call the July 1 launch of the HP TouchPad and claim that yesterday, July 17 was the real launch, let it be known that the missing Amazon Kindle App would appear shortly.

Well, it appeared today, or tonight rather, and if you’re used to the Kindle App on other platforms, you’ll basically be pretty much familiar with what you see on the Kindle App for the TouchPad. I’m sure that will many an HP TouchPad user happy given that the original launch came with a silly placeholder. I’ve given the App limited testing tonight and it seems to have the requisite functionality. You can adjust the size of the text, create a bookmark, dim or brighten the screen, choose different color functionality. You can create a note or a highlight by doing a touch and hold on the text in question. If you’re a landscape reader you get a two page view and you can search within a book.

Again, nothing new or nothing surprising to Kindle App fans. I guess the only thing new is the fact that the App has been missing in action until now, regardless of HP’s game of spin.

As of this writing the App doesn’t show up when you go to Software Manager and check for updates but you can download it and install it via the HP Catalog.



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