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The Archos 605 WiFi Portable Media Player



Archos605wifiTalk of Mobile media and Mobile entertainment these days on the pages of (and elsewhere) usually centers around Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, the Zune, and what you can do with media on UMPCs using either the Origami Experience or Windows Media Center. But there are other mobile solutions out there that offer some intriguing alternatives.

I came across this review on ArsGeek yesterday of the Archos 605 WiFi Portable Media Player. The reviewer certainly seems to be in love with this portable media player, and from the review there looks to be good reason. While he takes pains to point out that there are a number of different options that will add even more functionality for more bucks, he also points out that the Archos offers you most of the functionality, if not more in some cases, than the players that get all the attention. And the base price is comes in around the $279 mark depending on which configuration you buy.

Speaking of configurations, the Archos 605 comes in a number of sizes (4GB Flash up to 160GB HD) and has a touch screen, and of course as the name suggests it allows you to connect via WiFi. You can browse the web, albeit with a Opera browser plug-in that costs you extra.

The review points out a lot of pros and cons, but what intrigues me is that these devices seem to be a little bit under the radar compared to the ones we usually hear about that are tied to their respective services.

Check out the review for more.

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