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The Asus Eee as a Work Machine



Choco-at-workI guess it depends on your workload, but I’m wondering how many folks are considering using Netbooks, like the Asus Eee, as work machines? A Netbook won’t work in my situation, but that’s just me and what I need to get done. Michael Connick has his hands on an Asus 1000H and using the docking station (check out our GBM ShortCut on this docking station) to drive an external monitor, he spent a week using the Asus Eee 1000H as his primary work machine and comes away more than satisfied. Michael lays out what he needs to get things done, so there is some important context there.

Here’s where the questions and curiosity comes in. We’re seeing a slew of new full fledged notebooks getting released side-by-side with an avalanche of Netbooks. Given that your work load has a lot of impact on the decision process how are you weighing the choices that are out there?




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