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The Audi Keyboard and ScreenEdit



Hugo Ortega has been telling us about the Audi Keyboard for a few weeks now. It is a nifty project put together for Audi to use to capture customer data on a showroom floor with a UMPC. He’s now pointing to more info on the Audi Keyboard in a video on that brings Dr. Neil Roodyn and Richard Bassett together to talk about how the application was developed.


So, this is kind of a two for one post. You can see a bit more of the Audi Keyboard, and also find out some interesting info on the Windows Presentation Foundation, Expression, and other development apps thrown in for the mix. Note you’ll need to download the latest CTP of WPF/E to view the video but if you follow the link on Hugo’s site to the video you’ll be able to do so.

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