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The Beatles Ringtones Hit iTunes, But Don’t Waste Your Money On Them



After coming to iTunes, there was just one more logical step for songs from The Beatles in terms of digital music. The Fab Four’s songs still had to come to ringtones. Well, they didn’t have to, but it made sense for them to get there.

Starting today you can download ringtones of songs from The Beatles exclusively on iTunes. Right now you can download ringtone versions of all of The Beatles’ 27 UK and US #1 songs.

Essentially you can download shorter versions of every song on The Beatles’ “1.” Each ringtone will cost you $1.29, which only gets you 30 seconds of each song.

Thankfully, if you already have the songs (and why wouldn’t you? It’s The Beatles.) there is a way create your own ringtones. You don’t even need any sort of special software.

All you need is iTunes.

Using this handy guide you can take any song in your iTunes library and make it into a ringtone. With that you can choose your own section of Hey Jude to make into a ringtone, or you can make your favorite non-#1 hit Beatles song into a ringtone.

Of course you can still buy the ringtones if you really want to spend the money instead of taking the time to make your own. You’ll just have to make your selection among the 27 hit songs, assuming you like the sections used in each ringtone.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit ripped off, when you realize that you’re paying as much for that ringtone as you would for the full version of the song.

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1 Comment

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