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The best features from Tablet PCs I’ve used



Having used quite a few tablet pcs the past several years, I’ve come to appreciate the finer things about each of them. I thought I’d compile that list for your enjoyment. These are all subjective.

  • Best pen – The eraser pen for the HP TC1100. I have customers who also use this pen and the rubber grip has not come loose in over two years.
  • Nicest screen – Motion Computing LE1600 – 12” and View Anywhere
  • Best resolution – Toshiba M200
  • Fastest resume from standby – Motion Computing LS800
  • Best case – LS800 bump case with built in stand
  • Most reliable Fingerprint reader – Lenovo X41
  • Lightest convertible – Lenovo X41
  • Best on screen buttons– Toshiba M200 ( 4 pen based and 4 hardware based, plus joystick control)
  • A joy to hold – a tie between the LS800 ( pure size) and LE1600. The LE1600 (without the extended battery) has this great taper in the back. It is almost worth carrying multiple standard batteries instead of the extended battery to hold the tablet with that taper.
  • Best one to write on – TC1100. The entire top of the tablet is flat – no buttons protruding, smooth surface for your hand.
  • Nicest back – Fujitsu ST5020. The back features some cloth situated around common hand placements.
  • Best battery placement – LE1600. Sits flush in the taper and you never know it is there.
  • Best docking station – TC1100. Simple, classy and matches the TC1100 in its’ looks.
  • Best keyboard – Lenovo X41
  • Best rotation control – M200. When in slate mode, it senses which way is perpendicular and will rotate the screen the correct way with one touch of a button. Very, very, nice.
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