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The Bullet: WiFi From Any Antenna?



I’ll have to check this out more and I”m not sure how it really works, but it looks like a very interesting gadget to say the lease. The Bullet plugs into any antenna and takes the radio signal and turns it into a 802.11abg WiFi connection. It supposedly provides up to 1000mW of power and costs $39.96. Again, I’m sharing what I’ve found and will need to look more into this, but if anyone else has more info on how this might work, the comments are open.

Via Slashgear



  1. Kevin N

    10/31/2008 at 1:47 pm

    So I guess this is a miniature high powered access point that gets its power over the Ethernet cable — if you have an injector to put the power there?

    I.e. it’s designed to allow easy installation of a number of access points?

    See, e.g., the following on Power over Ethernet:

  2. BoB71

    12/01/2008 at 7:06 am

    Passive Power over Ethernet (pairs 4,5+; 7,8 return) so vary easy to set up. just need a 20v power supply (24v max)

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