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The Case for Mobile Broadband



We talk frequently about the power of mobile broadband in Tablet PC’s, UMPC’s, and other devices. InfoWorld makes some more good cases for how mobile broadband is continuing to impact how we all do business.

It’s ironic that I’m sitting outside a customer site right now hooked up via my Verizon USB727 air card posting this article up.  How do you connect? express or pc card air card, integrated WWAN, USB air card, USB tether, Bluetooth tether to your phone, etc?

….the salesperson in the doctor’s office plugs in a USB stick that is both broadband cellular modem and storage device: connect, click, click, download, detach, and hand the stick over to the doctor to upload the drug specifications to the office’s computer system.

Or, an insurance agent inspecting damage to a house needs more than just a handset, which is too small to comfortably depict the forms the agent must fill out. Instead, the agent uses a tablet PC.

With built-in broadband, instead of heading back to the office at 3:30 to upload the files, with a WAN card — stick or embedded — the agent can stay out in the field longer and upload the forms on site.


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