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The Clevo TN120R Tablet PC



My ignorance may be showing here and I don’t think we’ve reported on this Tablet PC before. Slashgear is showing some pictures of the Clevo TN120R Tablet PC. The TN120R (I’d like to just call it the Celvo, but that’s me) is a convertible Tablet PC with a 12.1 inch screen sporting a 1280×800 resolution. If you got to Clevo’s site you can see that you have quite a few processor options available ranging from Santa Rosa 2.4GHz Core duo down to a Celeron M. It also looks like you can configure this Tablet PC to your heart’s content. Although I don’t see any word on pricing.


Note that there is quite a difference in the “under glass” pictures that SlashGear is showing, relative to the bezel, as compared to the pictures (or are they mockups) on the Clevo site.

Again, I’m in new territory on this Tablet PC, so we’ll have to look into this further, unless someone out there in GBM land wants to offer up some info.

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