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The Code Project Windows Vista Mobile PC App Competition



Image001I love developer contests because we always end up seeing some great apps come out of the process. The good news about this particular contest at is that it is geared toward mobile pcs, which include Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs. Bring it on developers!

The folks at will be selecting a winner per month between 3/15 and 6/15 with each winner taking home a Samsung Q1 UMPC. So take a read through the rules and the process, then get coding. If anyone is looking for some good ideas, take a look at some of our readers suggestions here. You can also check out the Mobile Ink To-Do Starter Kit

Today’s applications must work in an increasingly mobile environment as people seek new ways to be productive anywhere and at anytime. Mobile PC applications have to be better aware of the environment which they are running, power and network status, varying screen resolutions and new forms of input including Touch and Ink. And when you’re building an app for mobile use, you need to consider all these factors. 

Show others how you can write a great app that encompasses these needs, write an article about what you’ve done, and you can win one of three cool Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PCs – the world’s first UMPCs. The Q1 is a compact PC that runs full Windows XP or Windows Vista, including all Tablet PC features plus a touchscreen. It’s a great portable PC, media player and more.

What do you have to do?

Submit a great Windows Vista Mobile PC article and application to in the Windows Vista / .NET 3.0: Mobile PC/Tablet PC section. Your application must:

  • Run on Windows Vista but can “gracefully degrade” to run on XP
  • Present a user interface that is tuned for a non-keyboard environment using touch and / or ink
  • Incorporate key Mobile PC criteria such as battery state awareness, power conservation, network awareness, support for online/offline use (“sometimes connected”), location awareness, security and so on
  • Run maximized and scale to the available screen resolution (including the 800 x 480 resolution, the UMPC’s native resolution)


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