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The Computer Grannies Society



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In 1997, the Computer Grannies of Society was formed, in Tokyo,  to help keep the elderly up-to-date on the latest in technology. The group is over 200 members strong, with most members in their 70’s. Their oldest member is a 97-year-old. In addition to looking at this TabletKiosk Sahara Slate Tablet PC, they organize tours of electronic stores, exchange emails and pictures, as well as other digital files. In addition, the group just set up an internet cafe to offer computer classes to many of the elderly in the area of Sugamo, Tokyo.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

A high tech granny used to be considered an oxymoron. But in Japan, with its love of technology and a declining birth rate, a growing number of elderly are learning to surf the internet, finding it to be a crucial lifeline.

“I turn on my computer the first thing in the morning. It’s a pleasure to see the e-mail that came overnight,” says Kamata’s friend, Roko Shinohara.

The two women are members of the Computer Grannies Society, launched in 1997 to nurture a new breed of net-savvy elderly.

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