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The CTL 2Go Convertible Classmate PC Reviewed



2gopc_1285g Joanna Stern at Laptop Mag has done a thorough job of reviewing the CTL 2Go Convertible Classmate PC. She’s more than given it the once over and this statement in her conclusion speaks volumes for Netbook makers with an eye on Windows 7:

The CTL 2Go Convertible Classmate PC is one of the first netbooks to employ touchscreen technology successfully.

I also agree with her conclusion that the price is a bit high. Check out the full review here. And check out our CES 2009 video of the CTL 2Go Convertible Classmate here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dodot

    01/19/2009 at 9:08 pm

    Hey Warner, thanks for the heads-up! For a netbook it does seem a bit expensive at $500, but as a convertible tablet it’s remarkably affordable (assuming of course that the typical tablet functionalities have been adequately implemented). Hope GBM will be able to put the Classmate PC to the test sometime soon.

    The Dolphin Interface Sounds promising, though without the usual tablet bit found in XP Tablet Ed. (or Vista and Windows 7 for that matter), some nice Tablet PC applications may not work well out of the box. In particular I’m thinking about InkSeine, and to lesser extent ritePen 3.0.

    I hope the team will be able to test out the Classmate PC with the software mentioned above, and with other standout tablet apps. :)

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