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The Dirty Little Tricks Your 2710p Can Do that HP Doesn’t Want You to Know



rotate Josh Einstein, of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook fame, recently became a 2710p Tablet PC owner. Frustrated by the fact that the screen only rotates in “Primary Landcsape” and “Primary Portrait” modes, he set out to fix it – and fix it he did. In addition, he was able to hack the Q Menu to apply the Secondary Portrait and Secondary Landscape rotation choices to the Q Menu. I tested it out last night and it works wonderfully. The only thing that doesn’t work quite right is the pen button rotation – it still only does the primary rotations. Josh is currently working on that one, so it shouldn’t be too long. In addition, the camera doesn’t recognize the secondary rotations.

To apply Secondary Portrait and Landscape rotations to your 2710p, follow these two posts:

1) Instructions on downloading and installing the latest Intel 965 GMA drivers

2) Copy and paste the reg code from this post into a .reg file. Save it,, Run it, and it will modify your registry ( back up your registry first, of course ! ).

Good work, Josh! Can you hack the 2710p to add a Scroll button ? :-)


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