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The Division Release Date: 5 Things to Try



After months of teases and years of hints, The Division is finally available on store shelves around the world. Gamers have waited a long time to play the online role-playing game from developer Massive Entertainment.

Millions with an Xbox One, PS4 or Windows PC can take to the streets of New York City beginning today and save what remains of its people and infrastructure. On the eve of the holiday shopping season a virus broke out, infecting denizens of America’s greatest city with quickly. Those that survived the infection now fight off gangs of rogue sanitation workers, murderers and thugs that are bent on taking advantage of the situation the city finds itself in. As a member of Strategic Homeland Division, players go on missions to stabilize the city and discover what really transpired before and after the catastrophe.

The Division (1)

With the game now available to everyone, it’s time to press pause on all the Twitch videos. Put a hold on reading any early impressions and play The Division for yourself. Here’s some things you should try if you’ve already picked up the third-person shooter.

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Customizing Your Character


After creating a UPlay account, the first thing The Division will allow you to do is create your agent. Even if you played the game’s betas, this should be exciting for you – there are some new customization options that simply weren’t activated before.

After you’ve customized the skin tone, hair and face of your agent in The Division, checkout the different gear sets and options that are available to you. Gear Sets are collections of similarly themed items that add cosmetic and functional changes to your character. Each Gear Set has an outfit, a weapon and a backpack.

Ubisoft is gifting users in the United States a code to unlock four different Gear Sets on top of the Hazmat Gear Set that everyone who pre-orders gets. You can claim the Paramedic, Firefighter, Police and Hunter Gear Sets here. Note that the outfits themselves don’t do anything but change your character’s appearance. The Bags that are included with each gear set have specific perks for armor, health and more.

Try Different Skills


To be successful in The Division your character needs a specialty and role. The way you decide your character’s specialty is by unlocking the different skills that are available and deciding which best fits your play style. For example, creating turrets that’ll auto fire is a skill. Healing fellow players is another skill. Health, Medical, Security and Tech skills are unlocked as you build-out your character’s base of operations.

Extracting Extras in The Dark Zone

Rather than go with a straight head-to-head online experience, Massive took The Division’s multiplayer experience in a very different direction. It centers on the Dark Zone, a massive section of New York City where the military once held all the sick. Only by venturing into the Dark Zone can you get the game’s best gear for your character.

Problem is, the Dark Zone is a no-man’s land. Getting gear is a simple as taking out the gangs stockpiling it. Adding the gear to your character’s inventory requires that you extract it at one of the Dark Zone’s extraction points. Other human players are lurking around the Dark Zone too. Get killed by them before you can extract your gear and it’s theirs to keep.

Remember to keep an eye on your partners too; just because they’re your friend doesn’t mean they won’t look out for their own best interest and snatch your gear. The Division allows players to go Rogue at any time and kill their allies to snatch their gear before it can be extracted.

Mission Co-Operative Play

The Dark Zone isn’t the only place that users can team up with their friends. In fact, co-operative play is baked into The Division. Once you’ve got The Division downloaded to your console, head to the menu to see which of your friends also have the game. Groups of four can play though the game’s many missions together throughout New York City.

Explore New York For Random Encounters and Training


All of New York City isn’t available in The Division. That being said, a large swath of the city is. Exploring as much of it as you can is in your best interest.

Roam around the streets and you’ll get into random encounters with members of the rival factions that are also vying for control of the city. These encounters will provide you with some basic add-on gear, experience and extras. More importantly, they’ll let you get a taste for The Division’s cover-based combat and learn the controls without being in a high stakes situation. Note that different areas of the city are safer for different character levels. You don’t want to go venturing into the Dark Zone to fight the most dangerous of the bunch if you’ve barely evolved your character.

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Good luck agents. The Division is available for Xbox One, Windows PCs and PS4 for as little as $59.99.



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