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The Division Cheats & Hacks: 4 Things to Know



Some people play video games to enjoy time in another world with its own rules. As long as everything is fair, no one worries. There are other gamers more dedicated to finding any advantage they can. The Division, a third-person shooter with role-playing game mechanics, launched last month on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PS4 and PCs running Windows. Since then, The Division cheats has been a highly searched term online.

Here’s what you need to know about The Division cheats and hacks..


There Aren’t Any Decent The Division Cheats Yet

It’s good to start with the more obvious things. A lot of video games support cheat codes and mods. Mods let you override something about the game without diving heavily into code. Sometimes game developers will include support for mods at launch, giving at least PC users the option to change the way the game works on their machine. Cheat codes allow users to change something in their game without even downloading a mod.


The Division isn’t just a third-person shooter. It’s an online third-person shooter that relies on statistics and character progression to make you feel like you’re becoming a more seasoned SHD sleeper agent. Because of this, all versions of the game reach out to an Ubisoft server.

Neither cheat codes nor mods are officially supported by The Division on Xbox One, PS4 or through Steam.

Use The Division Cheats at Your Own Peril

Of course, not getting sanctioned mods and cheat code support has never stopped some people from having their way with any game. The Division, I suspect, won’t be any different. Ubisoft will likely spend months combating hackers and client modders – the company introduced a huge round of fixes for cheating between the launch of The Division Open Beta and the final version of the game.


Because The Division is online only, Ubisoft has a pretty straight forward stance on cheating, modding and hacking. In a post on The Division Community Forum, an Ubisoft community manager makes it pretty clear that the publisher and developer Massive Entertainment won’t tolerate people tampering with the game for high level gear and easier shoot outs. “Cheating will not be permitted of course and will result in serious repercussions,” the message says. That’s about as clear as a zero tolerance policy on cheating can be.

Use Guides Instead of The Division Cheats For Now

With cheating, modding and hacking The Division out of the picture, there’s very little you can do to get an edge on other players besides learning how to be a better agent in the game. Luckily, there are guides and websites to help you with that.

In The Division, how lethal your character is comes down to level and DPS. Use this online tool to help calculate what your DPS level is and how it can be improved. To be clear, whether you’re shooting other players in the head or body definitely plays a role.


There are no specific shortcuts for leveling up your character in The Division. That being said, there are plenty of things you can do to wring as much XP out of the game as you possible can. First, don’t just pass by Side Missions, go ahead and complete them while you’re in the area. Second, if you play with friends online that are higher level, you can look forward to more XP. The Division enemies automatically have the level of the most highly ranked character in a group. Just be sure that you can keep up with the higher ranked players.

Read: The Division: 7 Tips for Leveling Up Faster

Following some best practices will let you evolve your character faster and you won’t be at risk of being banned by Ubisoft for shady behavior.

If You’re Determined to Use The Division Cheats, Buy on PC

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 consoles are closed ecosystems. To help foster community, both companies count on their being a level playing field. After all, console gamers tend to be less hardcore than those that purchase an expensive gaming PC with all the necessary accessories. In short, cheating on either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live can get your account reprimanded. What’s more, both consoles have systems in place to actively prevent players from taking advantage of exploits and hardware hacks.


What that means in short is that if you’re dead set on cheating or hacking in The Division, have a PC powerful enough that you can enjoy it through Steam or UPlay. Those versions seem to have less protection than the other versions. Of course, Ubisoft should be able to detect cheating on its end.

Don’t Try To Game The Falcon Lost Incursion

Massive might have confirmed that it wouldn’t tolerate cheating just before release, but it’s only been recently that the company has had to take a firm stand on it. With the Division 1.1 Update, Ubisoft introduced the first Incursion for players that have maxed out their character. Incursion are designed to challenge teams in ways that the base game doesn’t. That’s an extended way of saying, they’re incredibly difficult without team work.

Instead of completing the game the correct way, some players are taking advantage of a shortcut that allows them to bypass the boss battle in Falcon Lost. This shortcut means that players can gather rewards over and over again.


In a post on the Ubisoft Forums, Massive’s community managers make it pretty clear that those who take advantage of the shortcut just to get the Falcon Lost’s extras can expect some kind of punishment soon. “We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited,” the post concludes.

Stiffer The Division Bans Have Arrived (Update)

Just as many thought they might, Ubisoft and Massive have decided to be more aggressive about cheating. The two confirmed the new measures in a recent blog post.

Going forward, anyone caught using a Cheat Engine will get banned from The Division for a total of 14 days. If they’re caught a second time, the studio will issue a permanent ban of their account. Massive says that it can better detect cheaters thanks to an upgraded detection engine.

Penalties are coming for those that take advantage of bug exploits too. Massive says that when a glitch is identified as an exploit it’ll post that information to the game’s forum and other communication methods. Penalties for repeatedly taking advantage of exploits include, “character rollbacks, account suspensions and bans.”

Again, you hack The Division  at your own account and agent’s peril.



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