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The Division Underground Expansion Release Date & Details



Ubisoft’s biggest new game launch to date, The Division is a massive online-only game that marries multiplayer, third-person shooting mechanics and tactical thinking to create something better than its individual parts. The publisher recently announced that over 9 million people purchased The Division since its early March release. Certainly, sales numbers like that are impressive, but Ubisoft is hoping that it can keep the game alive through free content updates and expansions. The first of these expansions is out for everyone today and it’s called The Division Underground.

The Division Underground Expansion

Announced in the run up to the official release of the game, The Division Underground adds a new area and tons of new content to the game. Here’s what we know about The Division Underground.

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New Content in The Division Underground Expansion

As its “expansion” designation suggests, The Division Underground is  a huge update for the game, easily eclipsing what we’ve gotten with the smaller weekly updates and the larger free updates that all players of The Division enjoy on the same day, regardless of what platform they are playing on.

The overwhelming majority of the game world we had available in The Division at launch takes place above ground, in the center of Manhattan island. Massive, the game’s developer, The Division Underground expands the game’s playable area into the subway tunnels and utilities that power the island.

The Division Underground Expansion 3

“Deadly enemies are regrouping in the maze of subway tunnels of the underground.” The Year One content trailer for the game says of The Division Underground Expansion.

At E3 2016, Ubisoft confirmed all the major Underground Expansion release details. Underground Operations send players into the tunnels underneath Manhattan. Those tunnels are randomly generated, according to a post on the UbiBlog. Players can customize the difficulty of their Underground Operation

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Besides Underground Mode, there’s the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion. It is “bigger than those found in the previous updates,” Ubisoft says. In Dragon’s Nest, players take on the Cleaners in Hell’s Kitchen.

the division gear sets

FireCrest, DeadEYE, BLIND and Reclaimer are all new Gear Sets included with the update. Everyone that downloads the separate 1.3 Update gets access to the AlphaBridge Gear Set and the new Terminal area in the Base of Operations.

The Division Underground Expansion Release Date

From the beginning, Ubisoft told players to expect The Division Underground to arrive in June. At E3 2016, the company confirmed that The Division Underground would arrive for Xbox One and PC owners on June 28th.

Those that haven’t paid for the The Division Season Pass don’t have to. Like its done with other franchises, Ubisoft is letting users purchase the Underground Expansion on its own for $14.99 through the Xbox Store and Steam.

Xbox One Got The Division Underground Expansion First

With the Xbox One and PS4 looking to score as many buyers as possible, Sony and Microsoft have expanded their war from exclusive games to downloadable content. Like Destiny does on the PS4, The Division gets major content releases first on the Xbox One. Because of the availability delay, PS4 owners didn’t get The Division Underground until today, August 2nd. PlayStation has a similar agreement for add-on content with Activision for online role-playing game Destiny.

The Division Underground Expansion 2

Underground is one of only two pieces of add-on content that’ll be treated this way. The third expansion for the game, Last Stand, isn’t included in this agreement. Everyone will get it at the same time.

The Division Season Pass

The Division upgrades are broken down into two different kinds of content updates, free monthly upgrades and the larger expansions. Again, everyone gets the monthly upgrades at no charge at the same time. Expansions will cost you.

the division

The Division Season Pass costs $39.99 and includes access to all the game’s content. Expansions and skins are included in that. If you like the game enough, the pass is a perfect way to get the new extras.

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It all rests on some basic math. Early on, it was unclear how much Ubisoft would charge for individual expansions. Now we know that they’ll be $15 each individually. If users purchased each of The Division expansions on their own, they’d pay $45. As such, those that purchase the season pass are saving around $5, plus getting extra character upgrade items, monthly gear drops and access to those events that Ubisoft says will kick-off eventually.

With The Division Underground available, attention now turns to SurvivalIt’s the next major upgrade for the game due out this calendar year. Ubisoft recently released a trailer for the update.

Ubisoft says around 10 million gamers have spent time in The Division since it launched back in March 2016.



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