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The Down Under Tablet PC Enabler



Newls800Craig Pringle is one heck of an enabler. When it comes to getting folks to get into the Tablet PC habit that is. After moving to Austraila from New Zealand, Craig began his evangelizing of the Tablet PC platform and got at least one new co-worker turned on. Turns out in order to finance his new addiction, Craig’s co-worker had to strike a deal with his significant other to quit smoking. Looks like things are going well there as the new Motion LS800 arrived yesterday. But alas, too late in the day for the battery to get charged up before heading home. No problem. Craig loaned him his own extended battery so he could enjoy the new Tablet PC on the train ride home. Now, that is one heck of way to enable if you ask me.

And for those who aren’t lucky enough to be within the physical influence of Craig the Tablet PC enabler, check out his list of 10 Things To Do With Your New Tablet PC.

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