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The DualCor cPC is an UMPC



DualCor continues to update their website and as a follow-on to the post I made last week about them adding “Origami UI control” as an optional add-on, they have now added a page that says “ DualCor cPC is a UMPC “. The chart below is from their UMPC page where they compare the standard UMPC to the DualCor cPC – UMPC. The official marketing of DualCor as a UMPC has now begun and the photo of the UMPC with the Touch Pack solidifies that. Where is that pricing and ordering info? – Please read update below.

I don’t know if this is new or not, but they have added some interesting usage scenario narratives usage scenario narratives, called “A Day in the life”

UPDATE: I started reading through the Day In The Life and they paint a really good picture of how the cPC could function. What really stands out, though, is that the 3G connectivity and the wi-fi connectivity is through Compact Flash cards.  I think the Bluetooth is through Compact Flash as well, but I read some scenarios where someone was using the USB dongle.

Ok…Is it just me, or is fact that the 3g and wi-fi are sharing 1 Compact Flash slot going to create some usability issues? Like – I can’t use it as a phone when I’m connected to the network? According to the specs below, there are 3 USB ports and only 1 Compact Flash slot. If that is the case, then the ability for this to be a multi-functional unit is really handicapped by that 1 compact flash slot.

Now, if bluetooth support is through Compact Flash as well, then you can’t use a bluetooth keyboard and be on the web at the same time, or take calls?

If DualCor is holding to these specs, I’m going to seriously recommend that they had at least one more compact flash slot.


DualCor cPC – UMPC +
Instant On
Operating Sytem
Windows XP Tablet/Edition 2005 OS
Windows XP Tablet/Edition 2005 OS and Windows Mobile 5.0 OS
7 inch diagonal or smaller
5 inch diagonal
800×480 up to 1920×1200 – VGA Out
2 pounds
1.1 pound
Integrated Touch Panel
WiFi and Bluetooth
802.11b/g, Bluetooth
802.11b/g, Bluetooth, 3G*
Standby Life
Up to 300 hours**
Standard Battery Life
1.5 – 2.5 hours
3 – 8 hours**
Touch Pack
2 Type A
3 (2 Type A, 1 Type B) CF Type II
External VGA Port









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