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The eToilet



EtoilietMy, oh, my. Time for a little. er… um… toilet humor. CAP News has a wonderfully silly article on the device Microsoft didn’t unveil at CES: the eToilet.

Consumers will finally get a chance to own an eToilet, Microsoft’s latest technical innovation that plays music from Zune, surfs the web, and monitors personal hygiene. The device will retail for between $499 and $599 and should be available as early as next month.

The eToilet is not unlike a regular toilet in its basic functions, but includes a 21-inch flat-screen monitor built into the toilet lid itself that swings out on a swivel arm when in use. Many of its functions are activated by touch, and the eToilet contains a proximity sensor that will protect the screen from spray during use or flushing.

Additionally, the eToilet’s composition gauge will offer web-based dietary recommendations and guidelines based on the physical makeup of the material that is input into the device, and it has a delay mechanism to prevent flushing while someone is in the shower.

Talk about a convergence device. Read the entire article here.

Via CrunchGear

Stall surfers of the world now have something to look forward to. I think.

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