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The father of the Thinkpad speaks out on Origami



In an article on ZDNet, Arimasa Naitoh, who is considered to be the father of the Thinkpad and is currently Lenovo’s worldwide VP of Development, was asked for his opinion regarding Origami. Naitoh had this to say:

When asked about the future prospects of Microsoft’s “Origami” mini-tablet design, Naitoh was skeptical. “I’ll have a hard time to convince myself that Origami will be a primary device,” he said.

I’m glad Naitoh feels that way. I’d have a hard time convincing myself that an Origami will be a primary device as well, especially considering that it is not designed to be a primary device, and also considering that Microsoft and Intel are not marketing them to be primary devices. Origami’s are designed and specd to be companion devices. Overtime, we will also see the prices drop in the companion device range.

For more info on how Naitoh sees the Thinkpad evolving, issues of battery life, and more, check out the article on

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