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The funniest thing I’ve read in a while



 Josh Einstein sent this link to me. Not 1, not 2, but 3 Samsung execs totally goof up a presentation on their Q1. You have to read this.

Samsung Electronics, Intel and Microsoft have been promoting their joint project “Origami” mini-laptop PC since they first showed it last month.

In fact, the new PC proved to be too revolutionary, enough to baffle the three firms’ executive officers who publicly tried to demonstrate how to use it.

During Wednesday’s news conference at Grand InterContinental in southern Seoul, some 30 reporters gathered to watch the much-hyped product named Q1, or Ultra Mobile PC. Kim Hun-soo, vice president of Samsung’s PC division, first ascended to the podium as he tried to do the presentation in a Steve Jobs style _ which was not so successful.

Kim first tried to start the Powerpoint presentation, which was saved in his Q1. But after introducing himself, he failed to turn to the second page while his staff nervously watched him.

Unlike conventional laptops, Q1 does not have a built-in keyboard. Users type on its touch-screen keyboard or on a small external keyboard that users may find uncomfortable and unfamiliar to use.

After spending several nerve-racking minutes trying to solve the problem on his own, Kim was finally helped by one of his staff to get to the next page.

“This kind of mistake happens in every presentation, even though you practice it all night,” he said.

But that was not the end of his bad day.

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