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The future of mobile grocery shopping.



The BBC has an interesting and insightful video showing how mobile technology might play a large role in shaping how we complete tasks such as going to the grocery store.  Basically, consumers will be responsible for scanning their own merchandise with their cell phone.  This German grocery store relies on interactive advertising and RFID tags on food items such as meat.  It might be more helpful to have tablets or some type of built in machine on the cart rather than relying on the small screen of your cell phone.  I can also see some elderly and non-tech oriented people struggling with this big time.  Needless to say, my grandma might get a little confused.  It would be nice to skip the whole waiting in line deal though.

Check out the other BBC videos at the bottom of the page for more looks into the future.  The kitchen whiteboard that’s used in the house of the future would certainly make my life a little easier.


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