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The Gadgeteer First Look At the Sony Vaio UX50




Julie Strietelmeier has published a hands on first look at the Sony Vaio UX50  on The Gadgteer. This little device sure has everyone talking. The review is illustrated with a dizzying array of hi-res pictures and screen shots, and some very interesting pro and con opinions. This one particularly caught my eye:

“The handwriting app seemed to be for drawing and not writing, like I thought it would be. I assumed that it would allow me to use HWR (handwriting recognition) to fill in fields or write lists. As far as I could tell (all the dialog boxes are in Japanese), it is just for drawing on the screen. Hmmmmm….

That brings me to a big grumble… Why doesn’t this device ship with the tablet edition of Windows XP? The UX50 is a device that is perfectly made for that version of the OS… I don’t get it”

Actually neither do I, Julie. From what I’ve heard and read this would have been the perfect device for Sony to go Tablet PC with. Check out the review here.

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