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The Good and the Bad on UMPCs for Craig Pringle



UMPC BalanceCraig Pringle, a Microsoft Tablet PC MVP, has two good articles on where the UMPC shines and where it doesn’t. He addresses his work needs, as well as personal uses, for the UMPC. Craig is using the Samsung Q1P UMPC.

On the negative:

I have to say that while the Q1P is a great device, it is not a good fit for how I work.  Key words there – for how I work.

In my work life I divide my time between my desk and meetings.  I use my LS800 extensively in meetings.  My absolute primary use for a tablet in my work is note taking.  The next two most common uses for my tablet after that are reading and mind mapping in that order.

The first two tasks in that list rely heavily on ink and the Samsung Q1P is a device that is optimized for touch, not stylus input.  This causes me a couple of problems.

On the positive:

  • As a Navigational tool.  I use the Q1 in the car with a beta version of an application called C1 Mobile.  The C1 interface is really easy to use with a finger and the screen size an geometry is perfect for moving map applications. I just need to get a bracket so I can mount it in my car.
  • Personal media device.  I catch a train to work and home again every day.  It is about 40 minutes each way and I usually work.  However sometime I can’t be bothered working.  I just want to kick back and watch an episode of Family Guy that I recorded on the media centre the night before.  Excellent.
  • Games!  I am so addicted to Chuzzle from Pop Cap games.

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