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“The Greatest Laptop Ever!!”



There is nothing like the enthusiasm of a new Tablet PC owner. Thus the two exclamation points in the headline quoted directly from In Nuce (In A Nutshell.) Take a look at this snippet:

Before I purchased this laptop, I was talking to a friend about buying a laptop and she mentioned all the disadvantages that she could think of about having a laptop to take notes on. She said she would love to type her notes because she types faster than she writes, plus they would be neater, but it would make it harder to go back to something the teacher was referring to, and she couldn’t draw a line between things in her notes. Also, if you needed to draw a picture, diagram, figure, etc… it would be impossible. This laptop does away with all those problems. If I’m typing my notes, I can also draw on the screen. If I’m writing my notes, I can add extra space between lines, or to the margin if I need to go back to something previously talked about. I can also convert my handwritting to text (with, not perfect, but amazingly good accuracy). I can also perform a search for specific word or phrase, and the computer searches all typed and handwritten notes.

Read more of what Alyson of Vernal, Utah, has to say about her new Tablet PC here. Contagious.

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