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The High School of the Future?



School of the Future Tablet PC What I wouldn’t give to be a student in today’s technology age! Take a look at this new high school in Philadelphia, dubbed the Philadelphia School of the Future:

At 8 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2006, a school bell rang for the first time at Philadelphia’s School of the Future, officially opening one of the nation’s most advanced high schools.

The school, conceived by the School District of Philadelphia, Microsoft and the community of West Philadelphia, delivers a new approach to curriculum, school design and the integration of technology into the daily lives of teachers and students.

Each student receives a tablet PC, wireless Internet access on campus and broadband access at home. The school is packed with technology – it features a performance center with two hydraulically rotating lecture halls to create small performing spaces for school and community performances; smart-card accessible lockers; a water catchment system on the roof to collect rainwater for use in nonpotable applications; and photovoltaic panels in the building’s glass windows and the roof.

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