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The HTC Shift Keeps on Shifting



HTCShiftAnother shift for the HTC Shift. Steve “Chippy” Paine is reporting that the HTC Shift now has a new ship date in the UK. Looks like it has shifted to after the first of the year, January 11, 2008 to be exact. There is still no definitive word (or even speculative word) on when it might be available in the US. Chippy makes an excellent point about these continued delays. The ultra mobile landscape is going to change after CES and HTC might have missed the boat when it comes to delivering this UMPC. We’ve pointed out before that while we continue to see reviews, they are still of pre-release units and not a shipping model, which is curious at this point in the game. The jury is still far from out, but it sure seems like this device which has attracted so much attention is having quite a bumpy road getting into the market.

Speaking of review units, Craig Pringle, who has one of those pre-release models in hand, points out what many Inkers have feared. The Shift is not a good machine for Inking.

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