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HTC_Shift_Hugo_Ortega_GBM_slideEarlier this week I asked “What do Hugo Ortega and Steve Ballmer have in common?” and today I share with you the answer – The HTC Shift! I must admit that I have been blessed many times over in the last few years with the devices that have crossed my path. I still remember being the first to showcase the Raon Digital Vega; and first with the Fujitsu P1610. On this occasion however I have yet to feel more honored than by being given the opportunity to look at what is billed as one of the most anticipated releases this year, i.e. The HTC Shift.

Back in March this year I placed my thoughts down about The HTC Shift. This was more of a virtual wrap-up than anything else as very little information was available, let alone a device to feel and touch. So when I was given permission to take the HTC Shift to TechED Australia as part of my UMPC Awareness Presentation (which was a huge success) you can imagine what I said…ummmm…YES!

I had The HTC Shift for a little over 60 hours and was able to play with many of its great features, which include Pocket PC, HSDPA, Vista Business, Tilt Touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and more. It is an incredible device with HTC_Shift_Hugo_Ortega_GBM_slide2many possibilities, this video will hopefully showcase some of that. I managed to literally squeeze it into a very tight schedule I am running at present and did what I could to cover off some of the burning questions folks might have.


Machine specs (as tested):


  • Windows Vista Business (3 hrs battery)
  • Intel Santa Rosa A110 Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 40GB HDD
  • HSDPA (Data only) ready
  • Web Cam
  • Biometrics
  • HTC_Shift_Hugo_Ortega_GBM_slide3Windows Pocket PC (over 5 days battery life when used exclusively)
  • Qualcomm 400MHz Processor
  • 64MB RAM
  • and more…


In summary I would have to say that this is one of the BEST Ultra Mobile PC I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. If I were a manufacturer of a UMPC, or with a UMPC about to hit the market, then I would be shaking in my boots given what The HTC Shift is capable of. “I put my order down right away!”


Watch or download the High Res InkShow Video Review (34 minutes, 256MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

or watch the embedded video from below:

Visit the HTC Shift Homepage

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