The iPad in Music Rehearsals
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The iPad in Music Rehearsals



One of the great joys of my job as Artistic Director for Wayside Theatre is that I’m surrounded by talented and creative artists all day long. I’ve written about my collaborator, music director and composer, Steve Przybylski, many times. When not working on a specific show, Steve can often be found at a keyboard playing and singing. Given the close confines of our facility, when he’s doing so, we all get to enjoy his music. Steve is also a technology geek, and the guy who turned me onto Apple’s products.

Today, he was working with one of our acting Interns, Dana Colagiovani, on some tunes, and I managed to pop in to see what’s up. Low and behold, Steve was using his iPad to display his music. Watching him play and quickly reach up to turn a page in the score seemed as effortless as it does watching any skilled pianist turn the pages in a score.

Steve says he is using the iPad App forScore to hold his music and that apparently it is quite popular with the music crowd.

(Sorry for the lousy photo but this was a quick grab and these guys were moving really fast as they play and sang and I didn’t want to interrupt their work/play.)

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