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The Last of Us PS4 Release Confirmed for 2014



One of the biggest releases to hit Sony’s PS3 last year is getting a rerelease complete with downloadable content and updated graphics that even top its original version. The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic adventure game that took home awards for story telling last year, is coming to Sony’s PS4 gaming console sometime this year.

An Amazon listing and a posting to the PlayStation Blog and Store confirmed The Last of Us Remastered is on the way earlier today, with Sony’s Shuei Yoshida confirming an announcement about the title a short while later. Yoshida confirmed that Sony will have more to share about The Last of Us Remastered “shortly.” Presumably, that announced will include an actual release date.

The game may have already been released to PS3 buyers, however Sony is giving the updated version of the game the full retail title treatment. It’ll cost $59.99 according to a pre-order page at the PlayStation Store and Amazon. That’s the same price as a brand new PlayStation game.

The Last of US

The Last of US

Players of The Last of Us follow along as Ellie, the game’s protagonist, travels across the United States after a plague has infected and killed most of the planet’s inhabitants.

Sony will get away with charging that price for a few different reasons. First, players of the original on the PS3 loved the game, so much so that it’s become a must-play since its release. There could be millions of users who picked up the new PS4 console but didn’t get the opportunity to play the game when it debuted last year. Clearly, this release is for them.

The amount of free content users get also justifies The Last of Us Remastered’s price tag. Sony is throwing in the Abandoned Territories Map Pack and the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack with this version of the game. It’s also including the The Last of Us: Left Behind, an extra story mode that also takes place in the game’s universe, at no additional charge. Buying the game online for the PS3 today still costs $59.99. A season pass to enjoy all of that extra content costs $19.99.

Users who pre-order The Last of Us Remastered before launch also get a customizable character, in-game currency bonus XP points for leveling up their character, faster crafting, faster healing and two gun upgrades.

All told, it seems like a pretty robust offering, one that’s surely certain to attract a lot of attention from first-time PlayStation owners who picked up the PS4 last year. Both Sony and Amazon are taking pre-orders today, however Sony Network buyers should note that the company won’t allow users to cancel their pre-order once it’s made.


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