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The Lenovo USB Travel Keyboard



The biggest struggle I’ve had with slates is the keyboard. I’ve tried the ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboards, but they are just too small, have no dedicated number keys, not a good solution for typing in bed, and tip back and forth when you type on them. As much I like my X41 Tablet PC, I have really grown to appreciate the keyboard. My typing experience on it is sooo much better than the Toshiba M200. The M200 keyboard felt like I could rip the keys off if I wasn’t too careful. Wouldn’t it be great to have a portable ThinkPad keyboard?

So, imagine my surprise when I happened upon this thread by forum member TerriBlue where she talks about the Lenovo USB Travel keyboard. According to her, it is very light and also comes with a case. It features a trackpad and trackstick, along with a comfortable place to rest your wrist while typing. Lenovo currently has them on sale for $79. I ordered one and am going to give it a try.


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