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The LS800 extended battery and bumpcase



I had to send the LS800 prototype extended battery back several weeks ago and I did not want to let it go. However, because of the work I do with, I am a partner with Motion Computing. So, I sent a few emails and begged them to let me order it ahead of time. Much to my surprise, the new bumpcase and extended battery arrived last Friday.

The bump case looks exactly the same, it is just an inch bigger at the top and features a pad for standandard battery support. The battery is giving me about 5.5 hours of mobile use and is exactly what every ultra-mobile pc should come with. The extended battery does have the rubberized texture that the standard battery has.

If you have an LS800 and carry multiple standard batteries in your coat pockets ( Mickey Segal :-) ), I’d recommend the extended battery overwhelmingly. I’d also recommend you get the new bumpcase as well.

My understanding is that you will be able to order them next week from Motion Computing. Allegiance Technology Partners has the extended battery for sale (pre-order, $189.00) on their website and is offering a 5% discount for GBM readers. Follow this link and enter gottabemobile (all lowercase) in the Coupon Code area during checkout to get the discount. Here is the link for the extended bump case, priced at $99.00.

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