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The LS800 Tablet PC dock reviewed and some thoughts on stands



Craig Pringle, a Tablet PC MVP, takes a detailed look at the Motion Computing LS800 Tablet PC docking solution (see Warner’s post below). Having used an LS800 and the mobile dock, I agree with Craig. It is a very flexible solution, and one that other UMPC and Tablet PC OEMs should look to model.  When I used the dock, it was mostly used as a portable stand when mobile and needing to keyboard. You can watch my LS800 InkShow here.

One improvement that Motion could make to the LS800 is offering a built-in stand. Their bumpcase has a stand, but being able to prop the Tablet PC up on a whim without needing the bumpcase is needed. In fact, that built-in stand in the bumpase was the primary reason I kept the LS800 in the bumpcase. Having used the eo i7210 Ultra-Mobile PC, which has a built-in stand, the past week or so, I’m more convinced than ever that UMPC OEMs and slate Tablet PC OEMs should integrate a stand into all of their slate solutions. Not only does the eo i7210 have a built-in stand, but the Samsung Q1 does, and the Asus R2H. Asus also goes as far as to implement a stand into their extended battery.

I’ve been talking about a need for a built-in stand for several years now, and the more that people use UMPCs and slates, other people are beginning to see the need as well. It goes past the need for the occassional keyboard. It is also needed to be able to interact with the the display without having to bendover the display to see what you are doing or to navigate using your pen / finger / stylus.

So, Tablet PC OEMs: follow the lead set forth by your UMPC younger siblings, and get some stands built-in to your slates!

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