The Macally Bookstand Case for the iPad

The one thing that is certain about mobile gadgets is that we’re always looking for the right accessories to go with them. One of the categories that is always up for grabs is cases. That’s certainly no different with the iPad. As well a constructed device that it is, and as pretty to look at as it is, in my mind, you need some sort of case to protect the iPad. Cases that double up as a stand are popular because they serve double duty and to prop your iPad up for typing or viewing you need a stand or case/stand combo of some kind.

I tried Apple’s case which serves well as a case and a stand. It really doesn’t add much bulk to the device and it could suffice, but I just wasn’t satisfied with it. Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun put up a video of the Macally Bookstand Case, so I thought I’d give that a try. On most counts I’m glad I did.

The Macally Bookstand Case doubles as a stand allowing you to fold over the lid to prop your device up for typing, or set it up for some video viewing. What’s somewhat unique is that the microfiber covered case has a leather like enclosure strap and sleeve. You insert the strap into the sleeve to secure the case and then prop it up for whatever position you want to use it in. What is more than somewhat unique is that the microfiber fabric actually cleans smudges off the screen when the case is in the closed position. That’s a plus in my book.In the closed position it doesn’t add much bulk to the device.

The iPad easily snaps into the plastic corners of the case, and just as easily snaps out if you need to do so. The one drawback of the case for me is that the microfiber material can be hard to clean itself. Some might find the leather like strap to be a bother. I thought I would at first, but I quickly got used to it being there.

The case comes in black and gray and can be had for $37.13 currently at Amazon which is cheaper than the $49.99 you can order it for on their site.