The MIU HDPC All-In-One: Everything Except A Dishwasher

News of this device has been around for awhile, but according to Aving, it looks like it might make it to market this summer (although where I’m not sure.) The dual OS MIU HDPC looks like it wants to be the device that does it all and even adds a few more promises than the DualCor cPC did awhile back. The HDPC (Hybrid Dual Portable Computer) will run Windows XP and Windows CE, or Linux Qplus. With a 4 inch touch screen it wants to be your SatNav, handheld gaming platform, cellphone, UMPC, PMP, eBook Reader, camera. No word at the moment on what radios (that may end up being the kicker) it contains, but it does run a VIA C7M ULV processor with 4GB of memory and supposedly has a battery life of 7 hours. All of that at a promised price point of $500.


via Engadget


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