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I have a problem. I love bags.  I really enjoy trying out new laptop bags, sleeves, slip cases, backpacks, and seeing how they work / don’t work. I’ve collected quite a few bags over the years, as evidenced in the picture below.

Bags2 2007_04_11_16_44_42 001 4_7_2007 4_35 PM_0001My wife, Kathi, has put up with my bag fettish for quite some time and has had enough of it. I caught her trying to get rid of my bag collection, and she laid down the law — they have to go.

So before she dumped the bags, I was able to get them on video for this InkShow and show eveyone various styles of bags, including backpacks, laptop bags, a sling bag, and a sleeve case.

Giveaway time:  I was able to save a couple of the bags from the wrath of the bag lady, and will be giving away the Willow Design bag, the Waterfield sleeve case, the Microsoft branded Ogio laptop bag, and the Lenovo laptop bag. Post a comment to this article telling us about your favorite mobile bag, whether featured in this InkShow or not. We’ll pick 4 random winners. Contest ends at 9:00 pm MT, Sunday, April 15. We’ll announce the four winners on Monday, April 16. Be sure to leave your email address so we know how to contact the winners. Open to U.S. and International residents. Winners responsible for their own duties / taxes.

Enjoy the show!

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