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The most negative Q1 review yet



Mickey Segal sent me this review by Rob Pegoraro posted on WashingtonPost.Com. Mickey calls it the most negative review of the Q1 so far and I agree with him. However, he does cover alot of usability issues very well.

Samsung’s Q1 might seem like an impressive piece of laptop engineering — it weighs just under two pounds, light enough to carry around full-time.

But the company had to sacrifice a few things to reach that weight: a keyboard. A CD or DVD drive. A screen big enough to display everyday Windows programs properly. Acceptable battery life. And, as a result, any justification for this device’s existence.

The $1,100 Q1 is the first product designed to Microsoft’s “Ultra-Mobile PC” template – hmm, I guess he doesn’t know about the eo, the first UMPC to ship

You’re also liable to scramble your input every time you brush the screen with the knuckles of your stylus-wielding hand. – yep, this is going to be a problem, especially with 80 gram digitizers like the Q1 has. The best writing experience will occur with 120 gram digitizers

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